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"a phenomenon that moves something deep within our cores"

                            Hear 65 magazine

Hourstone is a Singapore-based international multi-talent creating his own music and art and known for his mysterious vocals, unique metaphors and artistic videos. Fusing all of these together, he takes his audience into a black-white-red-golden world of a modern-day fairyland. Songs like "Halfway House" and "I Will Find a Way" connect deeply and have amassed over 700,000 streams each.

Hourstone emerged from years of writing piano music to help himself through his darkest days after his father's sudden death when he was 15. His piano became his best friend - finding solace by constantly composing and playing. Although first forged from grief, his music lives and breathes authenticity, strong beats, mystery, hope and strength. Hear 65 Magazine states his music is a “ray of light” and a “phenomenon that moves something deep within our cores”.


Outside music, his background is widely diverse in fields from Physics to several languages, including a fluency in Japanese. Before spending most of his life in Singapore and Tokyo, he had lived in North America and Europe. Life is short and to be explored to the fullest, inspiration for art comes from many places.

His piano music is now coming out separately under the profile "Hourstone Piano" on Spotify:


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