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Press Quotes

"clever metaphors, mysterious vocals and strikingly original songs"

                                                                                           Skope Magazine, February 2020

Hourstone is a multi-talented artist who eloquently projects a haunting mix of vulnerability and passion.

                                                                                Buzz Music Magazine, February 2020

Hourstone's music can be described as the faint ray of light that bursts through a seemingly endless darkness; a phenomenon that moves something deep within our cores.

[...] what his music stands for: Strength in Darkness.

                                                                                      Hear65 magazine, September 2019

His strikingly original music video uses ancient runes and an Icelandic magical pathfinder stave, taking the viewer on a deeply personal and mystical journey.

                                                                                           Elicit Magazine, February 2020

Hourstone’s songwriting has distinctive and individual qualities setting it apart from the pack. His art may have its initial origins in grief, but you cannot confine Hourstone’s ultimate triumph to one song or fifty. Discovering a way to transmute his experiences from deep within into musical art is his greatest victory.

                                                                                                Vents Magazine, February 2020

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